Available in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) 04 - 07 January

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"Every moment spent with Ivy is a new adventure! We'll be wrapped up in riveting conversation one minute, then she'll turn around and suddenly my mind is on nothing but her beautiful behind. She turns back around to deliver a cheeky remark, and then suddenly I'm lost in her eyes. Ivy is nothing short of captivating, and spending time with her is always an absolute privilege."

JL, 2021

"I have the most amazing times with Ivy, she's beautiful and quirky, the times I spend with her are always a pleasure, she's intelligent and goofy, always keen for some banter, she's genuine and great for a conversation. My times with Ivy have been mind blowing, The way Ivy guided me through in such a passionate and sexy way kept me yearning for more! Ivy is always a fun time to be around, she make me feel comfortable and I feel like i can express things without fear of judgment. Ivy is a breath of fresh air."

HD, 2021

10/10 would fucc again

Me, 2021