Frequently Asked Questions

Are you vaccinated?

I am fully vaccinated, and will be getting my booster shot as soon as it is available to me.

As per close contact business requirements I can only see clients who are also fully vaccinated and I am required to see your vaccine pass. 

I have more about my COVID protocol on my etiquette page.

Do you do doubles/threesomes?

Yes yes yes! I love a good threesome!

I offer both straight doubles and bi doubles as I am genuinely bisexual.

My favourite play partner is the gorgeous Alora Fox, I also know plenty of other stunning ladies who would love to join us, just get in touch!

How can I verify it’s really you?

To advertise on Tryst you must have provided proof of the photos being real and accurate to the site admins. All of my photos are not edited any further than blurring out my face, tattoos and piercings for privacy’s sake, and some filters to enhance the lighting, but not my body.
If you like what you see in my photos you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed when we meet in person x

How many piercings and tattoos do you have?

A lot. Well, if we want to go into specifics —
Piercings - I have 16 piercings including my nipples, clitoris, bellybutton, ears, and multiple in my face. I generally leave all of my piercings in for our encounters, however I understand they are not everyone's cup of tea! I am more than happy to remove a handful of my facial piercings if requested, please let me know before we meet whether you would like me to take some of my piercings out.
Tattoos - I have one large forearm tattoo, one large thigh tattoo, a collection of tattoos covering one of my lower legs, and various medium-small tattoos scattered elsewhere on my body. My tattoos are all vibrant in colour against my pale skin. If tattoos aren’t something you’re comfortable with I may not be the ideal companion for you.

Are your services protected?

Yes. I only practice safe sexual services. I will never offer any unprotected services. This is both for your safety as well as mine.

I’ve never met an escort before, What can I expect?

First we will confirm how long you’d like to spend with me and what service you’re after, feel free to ask me questions to help you feel comfortable with your decisions, and make sure you’re getting the perfect service for you! Once you have arrived at my in-call, you will make the payment and I will pop you in the shower. If you would like water or a drink please ask, as I often forget to offer! When you’re out of the shower we can chat until you are comfortable, when you are ready we can then move our encounter to the next step. If you have anything specific you are anxious about please message me and I can help put your mind at ease. I am a very non-judgemental and open minded person, and I would love to be your first experience with an escort!

What is your grooming and hygiene like?

I prefer to keep myself clean shaven. I uphold excellent personal hygiene, as is my expectation for you. This ensures we are both comfortable and satisfied with the close intimate encounter we will share together.

Do you see disabled clients?

Yes! I am more than happy to see disabled clients. Please let me know if you have any specific needs or boundaries so that I can accommodate you to the best of my abilities.

Do I need to bring/provide anything for my booking?

For incalls - You only need to bring yourself and the payment! I provide everything including condoms, lubricant, towels and shower supplies.

For outcalls - I will bring lube and condoms so don’t worry about that!

Although you are more than welcome to bring me a gift or a treat! But keep in mind I am vegan, and I don’t consume sugar alongside other dietary restrictions, so non-food gifts are your best bet.
I have a wishlist here, gifts are always appreciated x

Can we message and chat outside of bookings?

Although I genuinely enjoy forming a connection with you during our bookings, keep in mind that I am an escort providing a service, the service does not continue outside of your session unless an arrangement has been agreed upon. Let me know if you are interested in setting up an arrangement x