Before making a booking with me please take the time to read through this section so we're both on the same page!

I want us to be able to connect and enjoy our time together so ensuring we have mutual understanding and respect is incredibly important to me x


I am very cautious when it comes to COVID as I have friends and whānau who are at a higher risk, I ask that you please respect my boundaries around this.

I will require you to send through your vaccine pass before our date, this will be scanned and immediately deleted. I will keep a record of your passes expiry so you do not have to show it again until then. I am also required to sight your pass again in person, I may also ask to see your ID to confirm the pass is yours.

If you are feeling sick or have any COVID symptoms I ask that you please let me know so we can cancel or reschedule our date.


Discretion for both you and I is a priority for me - Screening information will be kept safe and secure, it will never be seen by others. Conversations and activities during our time together will be kept confidential and private, a secret for just the two of us.


I will share the area of my address to help you plan your travel but I won't share the exact address or room number until the day of our booking.

I appreciate your discretion in return - Please do not share my incall address with others, and if you see me in public please do not approach me and I will do the same for you.


I require a deposit on all bookings - This gives me the peace of mind that you are genuine. I'd hate to get all dressed up with no one to see it! 

A 20% deposit on your booking is all that is needed to secure your time with me. Bookings with deposits are always prioritised, you booking is not considered confirmed until a deposit has been received


I accept deposits through pay-to-mobile transfers or E-gift cards.
Please note E-gift card deposits are non-refundable.


I understand plans can change! If you need to cancel our time together that is okay.

With over 24 hours notice your deposit can be refunded or credited towards a future date.

With over 12 hours notice your deposit can be credited towards a future date but will not be refunded.

With less than 12 hours notice or a no show you will not get a refund, this acts as a cancellation fee.

Important to note: If you have paid the deposit via pay-to-mobile transfer then I can refund your deposit through pay-to-mobile transfer, if your bank does not have this option then your refund can either be sent via an E-gift card of your choosing, or credited towards a future date. 

Deposits paid by E-gift card are non-refundable, but can be credited towards a future date. 

If I have to cancel our booking together I will give you as much notice as I can, and your deposit can either be refunded or used for a future date.