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About Me

I am a sweet and eccentric independant escort available in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), and Rotorua by request.
I also tour in Queensland, Australia when I get the chance!


Age: 23

Nationality: Pākehā / NZ European

Personality: I carry myself with poise, whilst also being bubbly, exuberant and eccentric. I always love the chance to be cheeky, adventurous and goofy. 


Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5'3"

Dress Size: 8

Bra Size: 8D / 30D

Shoe Size: NZ Size 6 

I am the perfect example of sweet and spicy - I'm honoured to be able to share intimacy with you, I genuinely enjoy the connections we create together as we get to know each other. At the same time I can also be the siren that lures you to your fate, a high energy and uninhibited lover.


Genuine, passionate and mouth wateringly sweet is how I'd describe myself. You'll come to find that I am down to earth and truly excited to connect with you, share some laughs as we banter and get to know each other.
I will treat you with genuine care and affection, as we build deep passion and intimacy between us.


The heat of the room rising as we delve into the realm of debauchery and hedonism is such a turn on for me.
Like the flick of a switch I can become a seductive, tantalising and cheeky little minx that will leave you speechless and your heart pounding.


Colour - Pink and purple (if you couldn't tell!)

TV series - The Haunting of Hill House

Music - Alternative rock, Indie pop

Treat - Berries

Beverage - Gin (Pink or Sloe)

Perfume - Poison Girl by Dior


Sewing, fashion design
Sustainability, conservation, and permaculture
Cooking - especially vegan cuisine
Oil painting nude portraiture 
Pole dancing
Camping and festivals

Stage lighting design

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